Don't avoid change, embrace it.

Whenever we have to make a decision that involves change, we get scared. Sometimes just a little, sometimes a lot. We are afraid to see our lives change in many ways. For some people it’s a matter of laziness, for others it’s about the fear to lose control, but everybody has doubts and uncertainty.

The real problem is that change is natural. Since we are born we are constantly changing. Our body, our social relationships, our work places… We can’t make everything stay as it is right now, the world is continuously moving.

In the business world it goes in the same way. Our economy is always in flux, markets change every second and technology is developing faster than ever.


We keep telling ourselves that we don’t want more changes in our lives, because «everything is fine», but change is inescapable. It’s actually something good, old ways won’t ever open new doors. We have to make changes while we can, otherwise changes will make us.

It’s really important to keep adapting. In some way change is a survival skill that can lead us to success. Nevertheless, sometimes it is unpredictable and we have no choice but to accept it. If we don’t move forward, we’ll be left behind.

We hide the truth form ourselves and keep saying change is something bad, until we realize about the fact that not changing can seem more comfortable, but is not easier than accepting the evolution. This clearly shows that we hate losing more than we love winning.


I think the solution is to be prepared for any change and embrace it by taking little steps. We must understand that, even though it’s challenging, change involves incredible benefits. It’s always better to embrace change than trying to avoid it.

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