Instagram Polls are changing the game.

Earlier this month Instagram released the new poll feature for Instagram Stories. Now we all have the possibility to ask anything to our followers and see them vote one of the two possible answers. This is something you could already do with Twitter, but the main difference is that answers are NOT anonymous. If you vote on someone’s poll, that user will know what you voted for. The company explained this in a blog post, but most of the people didn’t read it and some users realized about it too late. That led to some funny reactions expressed by users on Twitter.

Instagram Polls might seem a simple feature, but it actually means a huge difference, making Instagram Stories more interactive. Furthermore, it allows everyone to collect important data instantaneously. The possibilities are basically endless. Think about the benefits for companies that want to know what their customers think!

This new feature is perfectly integrated into the app, as usual since they launched Instagram Stories in what seemed to be a fight against Snapchat. It also coincides with the announcement of 800 million monthly active users. Instagram (Facebook) is doing it.

I’m sure we’ll see many creative ways of using this poll feature. And Instagram will probably add multiple choice responses in the near future. Aren’t you excited?

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