My Life as a CEO (for One Month). [Final Week]

Spanish version:

This article is the summary of my last week as ‘CEO for One Month’ of The Adecco Group in Spain. The previous one is available here.

My last week as ‘CEO for One Month’ started on Sunday, July 15. After dinner, I was picked up by a taxi that took me to the airport, where I met with Enrique Sánchez and Iker Barricat, CEO and CFO of The Adecco Group in Iberia and Latin America. Then, we catch our flight to Mexico City, that was my first trip to America and my second business trip as CEO.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by the Adecco’s executive team in Latin America, including David Herranz, CEO of the region. I also had the pleasure of meeting my Mexican counterpart, Andrés Cuervo. It was a real pleasure to share the day with him and have the opportunity to talk about our experience.

During the day we held some meetings to review the operations of Adecco in Latin America and Mexico at a more concrete level. I was impressed by the great variety of challenges that a company faces depending on the country in which it operates. The factors that influence range from the value of the country’s currency to the development of the national market.

As the presentations went on, I was able to learn a lot from Enrique and Iker. They knew what questions to ask in order to know in depth the development and real situation of each area of ​​the company. They also detected possibilities for improvement in almost any field, always relying on data analysis.

On Tuesday, we got up early to catch our flight so we could be in Madrid on Wednesday morning. After a 12 hour flight I had just a little time to shower, change my clothes, and go directly to the Onda Cero radio studio. I was invited to ‘Más de Uno’, a popular program directed by Carlos Alsina and Juan Ramón Lucas. The interview started just a few minutes after I got to the studio and I really enjoyed talking about my experience as ‘CEO for One Month’. It was very exciting to have my first radio experience in such an excellent program. The interview is available here.

Wednesday afternoon was also the start of the closing meeting of the first half of the year, which lasted until Friday. During three days, the executive committee and the heads of different departments of the company met to make an overall assessment of the first half of the year and the implementaton of emerging technologies. I learned a lot about the relevance of innovation and digital transformation in a large company, a process that requires important changes in the corporate culture.

And in the blink of an eye, this adventure came to an end. During this month I’ve tried to give my best, and I always received much more. This experience has allowed me to evolve professionally and as a person, and this is largely thanks to the people I’ve met along the way. I will always remember all the Adecco employees who supported me from the very first moment, as well as other candidates for ‘CEO for One Month’ that I met during the selection process.

I’m truly grateful to The Adecco Group for giving me the opportunity to demystify the CEO life and learn priceless lessons that I couldn’t have learned otherwise. Thank you for this life-changing experience!

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