My Life as a CEO (for One Month). [Week 1]

Spanish version:

This article is the summary of my first week as ‘CEO for One Month’ of The Adecco Group in Spain. The introduction is available here.

I’ve always heard that the first day at a new job is the most difficult one, as it’s also the first week. In my case, my first five days as the CEO for One Month of Adecco in Spain have not been difficult at all because there’s been an entire company willing to help me.

Last Monday (June 25) it was my first day at Adecco. A very unique first day, since Enrique Sánchez (CEO of the Adecco Group in Iberia and Latin America) was waiting for me when I arrived. After chatting for a while and getting to know each other better, Enrique showed me my new place next to him and Iker Barricat, the CFO. That was the beginning of a week of deep immersion inside Adecco.

During the first day, I got to know the Human Resources department with the help of Encarna Maroño (HR Director). It was really interesting to understand how Human Resources work in a large company, from the Onboarding to the internal promotion of employees. It struck me to know that managers are also evaluated by the members of their team, something I consider necessary for the proper functioning of any corporation.

On Monday I also had the chance to meet Nicolás Castro, Digital Marketing Manager and responsible for the social media strategy of The Adecco Group in Spain. In just one hour I could learn a lot from him and how to get the most out of social networks.

Although this month my workplace is in the headquarters of The Adecco Group in Spain (Pozuelo de Alarcón), during my first week I haven’t stopped moving. In order to understand the company from above, I needed to know the basis, that’s why on Tuesday and Wednesday I spent the day at the local offices of Adecco in Fuenlabrada and Coslada. Learning from a Regional Director or a Training Consultant was an incredible experience. At no time I sat with them to speak about their job in a theoretical way, we shared a real day of work and thanks to that I learned more than I could have ever imagined.

What I learned during the first three days was decisive to understand what was yet to come on Thursday morning: the Staffing Committee, a monthly meeting with the managers responsible for the areas related to the main service that Adecco offers to companies: temporary work solutions. In a few hours I took so many notes that I filled 40 pages of my notebook. It was a real pleasure to learn from experts like Carlos Villacastín, COO and head of the Staffing division.

I could appreciate the true value of making decisions while taking into consideration everyone’s opinion.

On Thursday afternoon I was invited to attend the closing of ‘Factoría de Talento’, one of Adecco’s initiatives to help young students. The project allows 40 young students to receive training in the soft skills demanded by companies. The evening concluded with an informal cocktail, at which time I had the opportunity to meet many of the participants of the program. All of them were talented people who demonstrate everyday their passion to change the world.

On Friday, I spent the day at the office of Fundación Adecco, where I was received with a warm welcome. More than 60 employees were working with true dedication to help disabled people in the struggle to get a job. All of them were working passionately by putting the dignity of the person at the center of everything.

This is the summary of my first week as the CEO for One Month of The Adecco Group in Spain. I’m really grateful to all the Adecco employees who have made me feel at home from the first minute. For me, there’s no doubt that this is a great company not only because of its size, but because of its people.

Update: The summary of my second week is already available here!

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