My Life as a CEO (for One Month). [Week 3]

Spanish version:

This article is the summary of my third week as ‘CEO for One Month’ of The Adecco Group in Spain. The previous one is available here.

On Monday, July 9, I reached the middle of this great adventure. I remember waking up and thinking “I have two weeks left, and I have to make the most of them.” It was the beginning of my third week as ‘CEO For One Month’, one of the most valuable weeks of my life. 

The first two weeks were intense, but this one was also really exhausting. In fact, as we were on the closing dates of the first half of the year (H1), my time was almost exclusively occupied by the business review meetings.

Business review meetings are held periodically in order to assess the situation of the different business lines of the company and their progress towards the objectives established in the previous period. The teams evaluate the implementation of new tools and identify possible weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. Through in-depth data analysis, managers obtain conclusions to decide on various issues as the implementation of new action plans or the modification of the financial forecast.

Every day we had a different business review meeting with the operational and financial directors of the main divisions of The Adecco Group in Spain. This allowed me to meet different executives from whom I could learn a great variety of things.

Thanks to the knowledge acquired during my previous weeks in Adecco, I was able to participate in the meetings without encountering any difficulties. In addition, I collaborated by giving my point of view and analyzing some data by myself. It was really interesting to see how my understanding of the different areas of the company allowed me to mantain a global perspective. Precisely, that’s the most important advice Enrique Sánchez (CEO) gave me on my first day as ‘CEO for One Month.’

“You have only one month. Keep a global outlook and don’t worry about the details.”

Despite its complexity, the meetings were held with great simplicity. Although the topics discussed were of great importance, the atmosphere was very calm at all times. The excellent preparation of the executives and the honesty with which they dealt all the issues allowed us to move forward quickly and take advantage of the time available.

During the week I also visited some international clients of The Adecco Group. On the way to their offices I was always a little nervous to see how the C-Level executives of these companies would receive me, because it’s not usual to deal with business issues in front of a 21 year old. However, on each of these visits I was surprised to see that they not only respected me and addressed me as an equal, but also congratulated me and wished me the best of luck.

This third week has been special because I’ve participated frequently in decision making and problem solving situations. On more than one occasion, my ideas have been carried out and have had a real impact on the company. If anyone has doubts about this ‘CEO For One Month’ initiative, I can assure you that it’s a completely real experience. After another week as CEO, I’ve learned countless lessons that I will remember and use throughout my entire life.

I finish this summary with a bittersweet taste, since my last week is just around the corner. However, I’m really excited to continue learning and enjoying every second of this adventure.

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