My Life as a CEO (for One Month). [Introduction]

Spanish version:

Can you imagine a 21-year-old as the CEO of a large company? It seems impossible, right? But it isn’t. My name is Miguel Castillo, I’m 21, and I’m the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of The Adecco Group in Spain (for one month).

Youth and professional experience rarely go hand in hand. These days, many people assume that a young person cannot be an experienced professional despite his talent. It sounds logical if we consider that experience is usually achieved with the passing of time. However, this reality is also due to the lack of confidence in young people by companies. Isn’t this unfair? Don’t young people deserve a real learning opportunity? What is the utility of our talent then? What about our passion for making things change?

Like many other students, I’ve been asking this to myself a lot. Until the moment I discovered one of Adecco’s initiatives to help young people and offer them training in the skills that are actually required by companies.

On May 25, after going through a complex selection process that lasted more than a month, I was elected by Adecco Spain as their ‘CEO for one month’. More than 13,000 young candidates nationwide participated, and I was the lucky one. Although it’s hard to believe, I’m just halfway through my Business Management degree and I’m already the CEO of a large company. And Adecco isn’t just a large company, it’s the leading Human Resources company in the world.

The basic meaning of this appointment is that I will share schedules with one of the top leaders in our country: Enrique Sánchez, CEO of The Adecco Group in Iberia (Spain and Portugal) and Latin America.

It’s a deep learning experience, a unique opportunity to learn what cannot be taught.

During 30 days, I will have the opportunity to learn from all the people who are part of The Adecco Group in Spain. My responsibilities will include a variety of tasks: Visiting clients with the sales teams, participating in executive committees and giving my feedback for different projects. In addition, I will give public speeches, interview with the media and travel to other countries with Enrique Sánchez. It’s hard to believe, but now I have to live this month to the fullest.

That said, it would be selfish to keep this experience only to myself. That’s why I want to share this month to let everyone know what is really like to be the ‘CEO for one month’ of Adecco Spain. I will be sharing my day to day on my Twitter and Instagram accounts, and I will write weekly summaries and articles on LinkedIn and my personal website. Do you want to know what it’s like to be a CEO? Stay tuned!

Update: The summary of my first week is already available here!

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