This IS NOT digital transformation.

Digital transformation is on everyone’s lips. Many experts assert that all the companies that don’t adapt their operations to the new paradigm are doomed. Therefore, many corporations have made major changes in order to adapt to this ‘new era’.

However, it is increasingly common to find people who confuse digital transformation with having a certain level presence on the Internet, either by developing a web page or by creating profiles on all existing social networks. Starting to work in the cloud or increasing investment in digital marketing doesn’t imply a transformation either, it’s not about that. In the same way, adopting a ‘more digital culture’ or changing the organizational model doesn’t mean a shift towards the digital world.


When we speak of digital transformation we must understand that a structural and strategic change of the whole company must occur. This transformation requires a flexible, agile and dynamic organization of all departments. And the most important, it must be done keeping the consumer at the center.

It’s crucial to bear in mind that each company is different, and leaders must find what is the value added on which they want to focus their evolution. In this way, the digital tools incorporated in the transformation will be chosen optimally.


All this can be summarized in a single word: CHANGE.

This doesn’t mean there must be an instantaneous revolution, but a process of progressive evolution. Depending on the company, the adaptation process differs and it may take more or less time to take the leap. This depends on various factors such as the current digital situation of the company, the willingness of senior management and the collaboration of every single employee.

All things considered, a great example of success in digital transformation is the case of L’Oréal. The French company carried out a digital and mobile transformation, focusing on personalization. Marie Gulin-Merle shared the keys of their transformation here.

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